Email Setup – Windows Live Mail


1. Open Windows Live Mail.
2. Click on the “Windows Live Mail” menu.
3. From the drop down menu, select Options > Email Accounts.

4. Double click on the Email address you are looking to configure.
5. Click onto the Servers tab.
6. Enter for both the incoming and outgoing mail.
7. Enter your Email address and password.
8. Verify that My server requires authentication is selected.

9. Click onto the Advanced tab.
10. For both Outgoing Mail (SMTP) and Incoming Mail (IMAP or POP3), select This server requires a secure connection (SSL)
11. Change the Outgoing mail (SMTP) Port number to 587.
12. If using IMAP, change the Incoming mail (IMAP) Port number to 993.
13. If using POP3, change the Incoming mail (POP3) Port number to 995.

14. Click Apply, Congratulations your email account is set up for Windows Live!