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ClearSKY Systems Wireless Internet

We are Locally Owned

   Locally Owned - Local Employees

   In Operation Over 40 years

and Supported

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We have one passion . . .
           one focus . . . .
           one product . . .

The Internet

Fast and reliable high speed Internet access to business customers

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The FIRST Rural Internet Service Provider to Offer

4G LTE Internet

in our area!


ClearSKY Systems Inc., based out Verona IL, is dedicated to delivering high-speed Internet access to areas under served by other providers. We are a full service ISP, specializing in providing ultra-fast, affordable, “always on” broadband Internet services. ClearSKY utilizes wireless technology to connect home and business users to the Internet. We have been a local business operator for over 40 years with an extensive background in communications and data services…


Get significant cost-savings from ClearSKY, with clear pricing. No “introductory” pricing, no fine print and no messy contracts.


Our tower network is monitored 24/7 and is less susceptible to outages from construction or accidents that often occur with wired networks.

Customer Portal

Set-up your ClearSKY portal for account convenience and flexibility! Check your billing – Update your credit card – Make a payment! At your convenience, any time of the day! Click above to get started


We offer locally-based, knowledgeable, and accredited technical support. ClearSKY support is ready to help, when you need it.


Our high-speed plans support all Internet applications from browsing and gaming — to streaming & binge-watching your favorite shows!


Your business depends on connectivity now more than ever before.


Want fast, dependable, high-speed Internet at home?


Driven by demand, our network continues to grow and expand.

Internet Packages

ClearSKY offers several speed packages that are ideal for residential, business and corporate usage. Below you will find general information, for a few of our plans. If you’re not sure which package suits your usage best, contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a hand.
    $59.95 monthly
    • Good for individuals
    • General Browsing
    • Lite Streaming
    • Lite Gaming
    • Email
    • Unlimited Usage
    • *Free Install with Three (3) year lease agreement
    $99.95 monthly
    • Large Family / Business
    • Heavy Browsing
    • Streaming HD Videos
    • Avid Gaming
    • Email
    • Unlimited Usage
    • *Free Install with Three (3) year lease agreement

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Hear What Other People Say About Us

  • Since joining ClearSKY one and a half years ago, their wireless service has proven to be reliable and roughly 3 times faster than the T1 landline we have with a LARGE corporate competitor. We could not be happier with the customer service and long-term strategic planning ClearSKY has provided for us and would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend. ClearSKY has continually under-promised and over- delivered for us!

    Anonymous Business Customer
  • I have been a ClearSKY customer now for 6 years and continue to get outstanding performance from the system as well as courteous and dependable service from the ClearSKY team. Being out in the country ClearSKY is my best option for dependable service and is much more cost effective than the other options available to me. I have rarely had issues with the system going down and only due to significant storms. Even then the team gets us back up operational very quickly (actually quicker than ComED gets my power back on). The people I have dealt with the most have been Donna & Chris and they have both been extremely helpful. I highly recommend ClearSKY. I run two businesses from my farm and require highly dependable service so I think the 6 year relationship I have with Clear Sky speaks for itself.

    Pete Baldine Commercial Customer
  • I have been a customer with ClearSKY for many years…I think I was one of their first customers! I remember when I first signed up, they were small and whenever I called I always spoke with Donna or Greg. It was like calling a friend. Their customer service was excellent and now, even though they have grown and have more employees and there are different people to talk to when I call, it is still like calling someone you know. That is definitely something you will never get from the internet service offered by big phone or cable companies. ClearSKY’s customer service is still excellent and I have never had to wait for someone to help me if I had a question or a problem. My internet service is the best I have ever had. It’s fast, reliable and everyone who works for ClearSKY is friendly and very helpful. I also like the fact that ClearSKY is a local business with real people to speak to instead of a recording. If I had to choose another internet provider, I think it would be difficult to find anything comparable to ClearSKY.

    Janis Hedenschoug Residential Customer